Top 5 Things To Do In Alaska in Winter

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Winter is an exhilarating time of the year to visit Alaska.

That’s because every winter, heavy snowfall turns the northernmost state of America into a wonderland Sure, temperatures can reach – 30°F but guess what? Some of the most incredible experiences in Alaska actually happen in winter!

Got you intrigued? Fantastic!

To help you make the most of your Alaskan experience, we’ve listed below five fun winter activities to do in the land of the midnight sun.

Be warned: if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure, you’re in for a treat…

Ride a dog sled in alaksa

Ride A Dog Sled

We couldn’t write an article about the best things to do in Alaska in winter without talking about dog mushing! In fact, very few activities scream Alaska more than dog mushing in the snow!

Comfortably set up in a sled, you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the beauty of America’s land of fire and ice.

Once you’ve met the adorable pack of gorgeous dogs and cuddled their puppies, hop onto the sled and watch them as they all work together effortlessly to take you on a unique journey into the Alaskan wilderness.

And for the ultimate dog sled experience, some tours will even offer you the opportunity to ride the pack yourself! So, bundle up in all layers of wool and enjoy the ride.

Here’s a list of amazing tours that offer dog sledding adventures.

Snowmobile in Alsaka Winter Activity

Hop Onto A Snowmobile

Looking for a thrilling adventure for the winter holidays? A snowmobile ride in Alaska will be sure to provide a memorable experience.

Alaska’s wintry landscape might seem unwelcoming, but it’s actually an amazing playground for intrepid travelers and nature lovers!

Hop onto a snowmobile (or snowmachine as the locals say) to explore the backcountry, and ride through snow-covered forests and down frozen rivers. A snowmobile ride is also a fantastic way to uncover hidden caves and explore spectacular glaciers.

You’ll find a list of some of the best snowmobile tours on alaska.org.

Go Ice Fishing Alaska

Go Ice Fishing

If you like to fish or would love to try, spice up your fishing experience with ice fishing under the northern lights!

That’s right. Ice fishing in Alaska is not just about casting a line to try and catch an Arctic grayling or two under five feet of solid ice. As mentioned before, Alaska is famous for its fantastic aurora borealis, so, depending on the tour you choose, you’ll be able to catch your dinner and enjoy it under the incredible light show!

1st Alaska Tours and KKday both offer a dazzling northern lights and ice fishing experience to nature lovers.

Enjoy Mesmerizing Auroras

Enjoy Mesmerizing Auroras

With their stunning hues of purple, red, green, and pink, the northern lights are one of the grandest spectacles on Earth. Now, there are only a few places on the planet you can see aurora borealis from, and Alaska is one of them.

But why go in winter, you might wonder? 

Because during the warm months of the year, Alaska becomes the land of the midnight sun, which means auroras are impossible to spot. However, between October and December, the days get shorter, and there’s only a very short period of daylight in Alaska during these months. Therefore, traveling to Alaska in winter will give you the best opportunity to experience this magical sight.

You can read more on how to photo the “Northern Lights” on Dan’s personal blog

Top 5 Things To Do In Alaska in Winter

Try Ice Skating

How would you like ice skating on a freshwater fiord beneath breathtaking mountain walls?

This is exactly the kind of otherworldly experience you will be able to enjoy during your winter trip to Alaska!

Some of the most picturesque spots for you to ice skate include:

  • The Portage Glacier
  • Nancy Lake
  • Rabbit Slough
  • Eklutna
  • Westchester Lagoon
  • Sheridan Glacier

We hope you enjoyed this post and are ready to explore the Alaskan wilderness through some of these fun and unique activities.

We’re passionate about photographing remote locations where wildlife thrives, and men live in harmony with nature. If you’d love to chat about how we can help you capture the beauty of Alaska, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re organizing a photography workshop in Kodiak Island in 2023 (and beyond) and would be happy to share the program with you!

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