Jessica Haydahl Richardson

Why Printing Your Images Can Help Make You a Better Photographer

Often taking the time to review your images or even print them can not only be fulfilling but can help you improve as a photographer. Here are 5 reasons why you should be printing more of your images.

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Capturing Images To Tell A Story

Photojournalism is one component that can be overlooked when capturing wildlife. It is easy to use a long lens and focus on the animal in front of you. However, have you tried to tell a story through a series of images ? In this blog post Jess will guide you through how to create an amazing photo journal of your trip to Alaska.

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Run and Gun vs Traditional Long Telephoto Lens

Let’s look at pros and cons of each set up and hopefully you can decipher what might work best for you on your next upcoming wildlife adventure.

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Capturing Environmental Portraits

Have you ever been to a National Park? Tripod set up with your long telephoto lens attached. You’re happily snapping away capturing photos of that beautiful Grizzly bear or powerful Bison? If you have experienced this, then you would also know you most likely would be sharing this experience with around 50 other photographers. Standing shoulder to shoulder, all capturing the same image.

Learn some creative ways to stand out.

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5 Long Lens Photography Tips for Success

Long lens photography is a must when trying to successfully capture wildlife.

Ultimately capturing wildlife can be challenging enough in challenging environments and handling the equipment, so here are 5 tips to hopefully make your long lens photography more successful when capturing wildlife.

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