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Remote Fly-In Destination Near Talkeetna

Day Trip Small Group Hiking Tours

Nestled at the fringes of Alaska’s interior expanse, a mere 20 air miles away from the Denali National Park perimeter, discover an extraordinary wilderness retreat ensconced within the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Talkeetna Mountains.

Caribou Lodge Alaska beckons, accessible solely via small aircraft, a brief journey from the renowned enclave of Talkeetna. Here, a sanctuary awaits, offering respite from the crowds and an immersion into the unspoiled magnificence of Alaska’s essence.

Perched upon the shores of an untouched alpine lake, our guests are treated to an unparalleled vista of the crystalline waters and the grandeur of the Talkeetna mountainscape.

Escape the crowds and spend 4 hours with a guide, hiking into the wilderness of Alaska.

This one day experience can be added to the end of any of our workshops, a voucher will be provided for you to redeem with our partner lodge. Add this to your workshop at checkout. 

$400 Per Person, Per Trip

Terms and Condition apply. Valid for 12 months. Must be booked with at least 7 days notice. Not transferable. Can only be purchased with Workshop tickets. First come first served basis for booking dates. Bookings are made directly with the lodge after purchase. Air Taxi included. No other transportation is offered. Select dates only. 

Day Hiking Excursion Add on Denali Talkeetna

Hiking Alaskan Style

Embark on a journey through the very paths etched by generations of caribou herds, forming the sole hiking trails surrounding our lodge. These historic trails, traversed by us daily, offer a connection to the land’s rich past.

Venturing beyond these ancient caribou routes leads you onto untouched tundra, occasionally damp underfoot. Be equipped with sturdy hiking boots to navigate these pristine landscapes comfortably.

From neophyte wanderers to seasoned cross-country explorers, our bespoke options cater to all. A tapestry of trails and hiking prospects unfolds, spanning a mere 10-minute ascent up Blueberry Hill, gifting a matchless panorama of Denali (McKinley) the highest mountain peak in North America, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet above sea level.

Guided day escapades unveil vistas of nearby lakes, plateaus, streams, and beaver ponds, granting glimpses of wildlife in their habitat. Alternatively, revel in the crisp mountain air, absorbing the untarnished beauty that envelops you.

Day Hiking Excursion Add on Denali Talkeetna

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