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In an era where visual storytelling holds unprecedented power, wildlife photography stands as a captivating medium that bridges the gap between nature enthusiasts and the remarkable creatures that inhabit our planet. The lens has the extraordinary ability to freeze moments of untamed beauty and elusive encounters, allowing us to glimpse into the secret lives of animals and their environments.

However, the journey from capturing an image in the wild to producing a truly stunning wildlife photograph involves more than just the click of a shutter; it extends into the realm of image editing, where technology and artistry converge to enhance and elevate the narrative captured by the lens.

In this exploration, we embark on a voyage into the world of wildlife photography, delving into the transformative potential of image editing techniques that unlock hidden details, correct imperfections, and breathe life into photographs, enabling photographers to create impactful visual narratives that inspire, educate, and ignite a deeper connection with the natural world.

Option a) $1,000 Per 8 Sessions, Plus 1 Free

Option b) $500 Per 3 Sessions, Plus 1 Free

Terms and Condition apply. 1st Session included with any workshop. Some software may need to be purchased. Editing process may vary. 90 min sessions will be over Zoom / Brave Talk or Google Meet. 50mb Internet connection required. 90 min sessions only. 

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One to One Sessions

Improve yourself through online coaching. Each workshop comes with one free one to one coaching session after the workshop completes. 

If you would like to expand on what you have shot while with us, then great we have the perfect Add-On for you.

You will send us your images, maybe 10 of the ones you want advice on or improvement through editing. 

Then during our 1.5 hour session we will talk about how to improve a few images through “how to do things different” either though camera settings, composition and or editing. 

If there is something particular you want to know than great, we can tailor each one on one for you.

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