Add-On : Photo Tour Turnagain Arm

Explore Turnagain Arms' landscape and wildlife

Photo Day Trip from Ancorage

Turnagain Arm Day Trek

Experience a guided photography tours to capture the stunning natural beauty of Alaska, led by experienced guides. They take you to the best locations for breathtaking photos of glaciers, wildlife, and landscapes, catering to all skill levels.

Surrounded by two mountain ranges and home to the highest tide variations in the United States, the Turnagain Arm is a stunning visual journey just south of the city of Anchorage. Join us for a photographic exploration of the stunning coastal and mountain landscapesas we explore the highlights of the Turnagain Arm. 

Your itinerary includes Turnagain Arm, Chugach National Forest, and Chugach State Park, with the opportunity to photograph mountain streams, waterfalls, coastal mudflats, glaciers, and both the Chugach and Kenai mountains. Depending on the season, wildlife opportunities may include bears, moose, Dall sheep, Bald eagles, and Beluga whale. Throughout the tour, you’ll be offered creative and technical support by your Alaska Photo Treks guide. 

It’s a great way to see the sights while honing your photography skills. Book it at the start of your Alaska trip and you’ll take home your best travel photos yet!

Unlike other Turnagain Arm tours available in Anchorage, our tour does not go to well-known, crowded locations. Our objective is to take you off the beaten path to explore unique photo locations that provide great photo opportunities.

$200 Per Person, Per Trip

Terms and Condition apply. May 15 to October 15 only. Must be booked with at least 7 days notice. Not transferable. Can only be purchased with Workshop tickets. First come first served basis for booking dates. Bookings are made directly with the the vendor after purchase with your workshop ticket.  Age: 12+ only. Hotel pick up is Anchorage ONLY, not Girdwood. etc.

Weather Conditions

Engaging in this activity falls within the realm of moderate intensity, encompassing leisurely strolls over brief distances that encompass both inclines and declines. 

The terrain traversed might include staircases and uneven pathways. As for the weather, be prepared for a spectrum of conditions spanning rainfall, winds, and sunlit moments. 

During the summer, the temperature can fluctuate between a low of 30°F (-1.11°C) and a high of 80°F (27°C). Rest assured, this Anchorage photo tour operates come rain or shine, except in cases of extreme weather advisories.

It’s worth noting that some of the most captivating photographic opportunities arise when the skies are overcast or when precipitation graces the scene in the form of rain, snow, or fog. In these atmospheric conditions, wildlife tends to be more lively, creating enchanting moments to capture with your lens.

Bring your positive spirt and sense of adventure on this fantastical day trip.

What To Bring

While photographers are encouraged to bring their preferred equipment, it’s important to note that point-and-shoot and smartphone cameras are equally embraced on this adventure. 

For optimal results, having a camera with manual settings is recommended, alongside a selection of lenses spanning from 14mm to 200mm. Ensure you have a memory card of at least 64GB to accommodate your captures. 

Considering the seasonal and weather variations, come prepared with appropriate attire, including a combination of short-sleeved shirts, thermal layers, a snug fleece jacket, and a reliable wind/waterproof outer layer. 

Don’t forget to pack a hat and gloves to combat colder temperatures, and step into the experience comfortably with well-treaded, comfortable walking or hiking shoes.

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