Unlimited fresh and salt fishing ? Sure, we can also teach you how to get great shots. But if catching fish is your thing, we got you covered.
Fishing Alaska Photography Workshop in Kodiak Island

Guests to Kodiak Island have access to some of the worlds premier fishing spots. 

Whether you want to fish freshwater or saltwater, try your hand at fly fishing or conventional tackle fishing. All 5 types of Pacific salmon can be caught at various times during the year around Kodiak Island.

All fishing gear can be provided, from rods, line, waders etc., you can even get your catch packed and processed free of charge during your stay. Read on to find out more.

Freshwater Fishing

We have six different freshwater locations to target. All are 5-15 minute flights from the lodge. 

The lodge owns its own floatplane, allowing us unprecedented access and flexibility. Rivers are highly regulated on Kodiak, and we are lucky to have permits on all of the best locations. These regulations ensure a pristine wilderness experience, rather than the crowds of “combat fishing on the mainland. 

Be sure to request that your guide prepare a “shore lunch where your guide takes one of your freshly caught fish and prepares a delicious meal over a fire on right on the riverbank. Forget “Farm to Table. It does not get any fresher than “River to BBQ in ten minutes!

Many lodges in Alaska advertise that they have five species of salmon to entice fisherman. …And yes, Larsen Bay does have all five species, if you’re counting. But in reality, there are only three that are considered desirable and avidly pursued by most fishermen in Alaska. The three highly prized salmon species are King (Chinook), Sockeye (red) and Silver (coho) Salmon. We have both early and late summer runs of sockeye, meaning that this delicious, rich, red fish is available all summer long.

Kings tend to be earlier in the summer, and silvers later. Kings and silvers are also caught by trolling on the saltwater.

We provide all the spinning gear, boots and waders. We also have a few fly-rods for those wanting to try out this popular method.

For hardcore fly fishermen, we recommend bringing your own gear.

You will need to buy all licenses/tags (varies, see Alaska Department of Fish & Game) ahead of time before you arrive. They are NOT available at the Lodge.

Fishing Species in Larsen Bay, Alaska
Silver Salmon (Coho)

Silvers are the second largest salmon species and have an average size of 10-12 lbs., but we catch them up to 20 lbs. or more. Silver Salmon flesh is more orange than red, and it has a mild flavor, with the firm flesh that is typical of the top three types of Alaska wild salmon. It is a favorite for grilling.

Red Salmon (Sockeye)

Most people agree that the Red salmon is the best table fare and a hard fighter pound for pound.


Besides the all mighty salmon, freshwater catches include Artic Char and several varieties of trout such as steelhead, rainbows, and Dolly Varden. The anadromous Dolly Varden are extremely abundant and like its close relative, the Eastern brook trout, the Dolly Varden is excellent eating, having excellent pink meat. It is also one of the prettiest native fish in Alaska! This colorful and feisty little fish range in size from 12-24 inches and typically weigh 1-6 lbs. Dolly Varden are not picky and will usually strike almost anything the angler offers. We often catch Dollies on the beach in front of the lodge. If you haven’t had enough fishing for the day, grab a pole after dinner and head down to the beach.

Freshwater Fishing at Larsen bay Lodge

No matter whether you are a fly fisherman or prefer spinning tackle, fish freshwater or saltwater, use the floatplane or one of the boats in our fleet to access the fishing, you can’t beat the variety, convenience, comfort, beauty, and diverse wildlife found at Larsen Bay on mystical Kodiak Island, Alaska!

Experience the adventure!

Alaska Photography Workshop
Important Info

The fishing license covers all species except King Salmon. 

That requires a separate stamp that comes in 1, 3, 7 day increments and you have to select the exact date(s) when purchasing. One-day “king stamp” is available at the lodge once we know which date will be your saltwater trip.  Same price as online. All licenses can be bought online normally around the November before your departure. 

July is a great time for King Salmon, however it is a saltwater fish.

We recommend using “Day 4” of your trip for saltwater fishing as the other days will be near freshwater. See the sample itinerary here on our Kodiak Island Photo Workshop page.

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