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Top 5 Things To Do In Alaska in Winter

Winter is an exhilarating time of the year to visit Alaska.

That’s because every winter, heavy snowfall turns the northernmost state of America into a wonderland. Sure, temperatures can reach – 30°F but guess what? Some of the most incredible experiences in Alaska actually happen in winter!

Got you intrigued?

Fantastic, read on !

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Wildlife in Larsen Bay Alaska

A 30-minute flight from the town of Kodiak, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, lies the spectacular Larsen Bay. Due to its remote location, this tranquil oasis brims with marine and land creatures, making it the ideal spot for nature lovers.

Find out which wildlife you will find in Kodiak Island.

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Life In Larsen Bay, Alaska

On the majestic Kodiak Island, nestled in Uyak Bay, which is the largest fjord on the island, lies the scenic Larsen Bay. There, the raw, rugged, and untarnished landscape makes travelers feel like time has stopped in this mesmerizing part of the world.

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