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As an outdoor photographer I often get asked why I use Outex kit for my work. And the answer is simple. It protects my camera gear in any situation, whether it’s rain, dirt, mud, spray, or underwater. The optical glass ports give me better results than acrylic or plastic. It’s easy to pack, compact and lightweight. And perhaps most importantly, compatible with my various camera bodies and lenses, while maintaining all my control over functions and settings.

Outex have applied this same solution to mobile phones, in an easy to pack, lightweight package that works with every phone that can fit inside the pliable housing, which can include most brands and models. As most professional photographers, I’m increasingly incorporating my phone camera’s footage into my content creation workflow.

Easy Install

It installs in less than 1 minute, with an easy to use optical glass window for your camera lens, and you can upgrade to an optical glass dome for split level (half over half underwater) shots, just like its digital camera big brother. It’s also compatible with numerous 3rd party accessories such as mounts, selfie-sticks, etc.

For example, there is enough room inside the phone case to add a bluetooth trigger (needs to be inside as communications doesn’t work well in water) if you don’t want to use the side buttons. Or you can add a slim power pack if your phone isn’t too bulky. I have even added magnets to the back of my phone so I can stick the phone inside the Outex housing to metal objects.

Play Video


I find myself pushing the boundaries of my creativity with every outing. I recently stuck my Outex phone to my car, and got some exciting, unique content in the rain. I also did a time lapse of a storm and rolling clouds without using a tripod or a much more complex camera rig.

While on a recent trip to Alaska, I managed to wedge the Outex cover with my phone inside, into the river bed while sockeye salmon were being targeted by grizzly bears. I could do the same with a GoPro I guess, but using the Outex kit with my phone is easier, faster, and cheaper. There’s less to buy & pack. More angles and focal lengths to choose from. No apps to download, and the content is ready to edit & share. No sync ups or downloads.

Your phone should be set up to have either a bluetooth shutter button inside the case to make it easy to release the camera shutter, or on almost all Android phones, the volume down button does the same thing, check your phone before buying to see which way you need to go. I also turn off my screen saver and screen lock function, in the case of the OnePlus 8T I also disable “pocket mode” which disables screen touch when the phone thinks it’s inside a pocket. Most phones also allow you to customize this functionality in settings. I know all iPhones work that way, but Android phones depend on the manufacturers UX.

Super Portable

The biggest benefit of all is the ability to run and gun with a small lightweight system. While the protection is good for extreme weather it’s also easy to roll up into a small section of your camera backpack. 

There are two “ports” to choose from, a dome for those super cool split level shots, and a regular flat port. Both are easily packed but the dome does take up a tad more room but nothing that stops it being super portable. 


Outex have really done a good job of keeping their same ethos to digital camera protection and applying it to mobile phones. It works with pretty much everything and is so easy to pack without sacrificing space in your kit bag, and at a price point which won’t break the bank.

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